Powerful portrayal

Powerful portrayal

Catching Up

Powerful portrayal

Say cheese: Manoviraj Khosla

Many held catalogues and studied price lists debating on the merits of different painters.
“This time, it’s very encouraging to see the little red dots appearing like magic on the frames. I am definitely going to buy a couple myself as I love the subjects and the style of the artists,’’ said Subash Agarwal, an avid art collector.

Pankaj Mehta, a visitor to the City, had a few favourites he had come to check out especially.

“I have a special fascination for Sachin Jaltare’s beautifully feminine portrayals. I have a friend in Mumbai who collects his paintings and even introduced me to the artist. I am hoping to buy one of his works this time.”

From the low murmur of cultivated voices, the mingling of perfumes and the studied exchanging of pleasantries accompanied by a fair amount of air kissing, the evening evolved into a very pleasant social event as guests got comfortable and stayed on till fairly late.
“I’m afraid, I don’t really relate much to abstract art but I love the vibrant paintings on display here his evening. The clever religious iconry of  Pandu Masanam and powerful figures full of energy and vitality of Chitra Vigneshwar Chari’s figures  are truly captivating,” said Yvonne Rego, an art lover.

“With the recession slowly receding, it looks like art buying is slowly picking up again and artists can get a much needed financial boost,” said an art dealer who was holding forth eloquently in a quiet  corner away from the milling crowd.

Like most animated social gatherings, the conversation moved on to to different topics with old acquaintances catching up and new ones being made before the crowd called it a night.

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