Training sector needs emphasis

Training sector needs emphasis

Learning, unlearning and relearning at different stages of our lives and career have been facilitated by educational institutions and the corporate alike.

Under-graduate and post-graduate students are apprised of soft skills, etiquette, ethics, team works and applications of their subject in the practical world by experts in the said field. Guest lectures, seminars, conferences and academic meets are conducted by schools, colleges and universities to make learning a holistic experience. 

So also new employees at various levels are given training in the relevant fields besides grooming them to adapt to the specific culture of the organisation they are working for. These days new and old employees alike are introduced to training sessions which enhance their learning curve and hone their skills which in turn will help them scale the ladder of hierarchy and success alike. Aspects like domain upgrading, strategy and leadership, personality development are but a few areas that are commonly looked into, besides facilitating staff to understand the subtle nuances of their specific job. Organisations also hope to quell the effects of industry interface, job hopping in search of greener pastures and exploring new arenas at the cost of the employees by conducting these sessions for their staff and students.

Arranging quality training in niche can prove to be an elaborate and sometimes an elusive experience. Roping in the right resource person or people, finding a date that will be mutually convenient, zeroing on a venue and charting out the program happens to be only one part of the exercise. The second and the more exacting part is about ensuring that plans are executed on schedule and do not go haywire on account of manual or technical glitches.
 There are times when some training programs are fixed as partial entertainers involving a little picnic or a jaunt in a resort or a venue that patronises adventure sports. Then there are times when such sessions are held over a period of several days involving various personalities. Sometimes it can prove o be a little tricky to offer certification of some sessions. These are but a few hurdles faced by the Personnel or Human Relations (HR) department while arranging such events. Besides they have the additional responsibility of arranging for food, transport and sometimes even baby sitting in case of high end firms. 

Internet eases task

Truth be told, the coming of internet has made their job a lot easier. There are many websites which cater to their needs. For instance HR personnel can browse through sites like,,,,,,,, among others and scout for their necessities. These varied websites cater to different needs, yet professionals kept their fingers crossed for a mall-like website where they could shop for all their necessities in one website.  If all the requisite data regarding trainers, their strengths, their availability and other such relevant details are available in one place it can be a boon to all concerned. Professionals in the administrative strata with vast experience in the industry both in India and abroad have realised that the training sector in our country needs to be worked upon as it is unorganised.  They have been both direct and indirect pioneers who have been playing middlemen who connect the trainers and trainees formally and informally in the e-way.

They have facilitated around tens and thousands of programs mostly in Indian metros and have succeeded in blowing a breath of fresh air in the sector. The individual and public can browse these sites free of cost and stand to gain from the end to end services of these ISO approved websites. Trainers who are new to the field can get their data to be updated by the site to gain visibility. Blogs and articles on the website can help organisations to evaluate, verify and ascertain them of their choices before taking a decision. 

The sky is the limit for learning. All one has to have is the will and the desire to learn. The opportunities are endless. Individual upgradation, one on one learning, community learning, interactive learning, online virtual learning are only a click of a button away. We are a blessed lot to be contemporaries of a time where we can access the best for ourselves without spending too much time, effort or money while doing our homework!