Riders to keep spirit alive

Riders to keep spirit alive

Biking Adventure

Riders to keep spirit alive

The sight of a band of bikers triggers excitement in any onlooker. Every year, on Independence Day, a bunch of 500 men from biking clubs in the City take off on what they call a ‘Freedom Ride’ or an ‘Independence Day Ride’. 

    They want to send a clear message of peace and voice their protest against any form of violence. They cherish being missionaries of peace.   Vishal, who is with Bangalore RD350 Club, never misses the ‘Independence Day Ride’. 

   “The ride is a tribute to the freedom fighters. We also grab the opportunity to create awareness among people on the crimes against women and spread awareness on the safety of women and children,” notes Vishal. 

   He also says the event is used to talk to the riders about safe riding and how important it is to respect not only their own life but the lives of fellow commuters also.  Akshay Pawar, another rider from Bangalore RD350 Club, feels riding a motorcycle is an expression of freedom. “There is a strong bond between you, the bike and there is a freedom that only a biker knows best. Most of us in the club ride a bike out of choice and not compulsion. What better way to express freedom than to ride to the hills?” wonders Akshay. He looks forward to the ride which he dubs as ‘special.’

 “There is a feeling of patriotism and national pride that comes with it,” he adds. There’s a strong message that they intend to send out. “As a motorcycle club, we have always been associated with social causes. This year, we will speak out to protest the atrocities against women and children,” adds Akshay. 

Anil Babu from ‘Bikers of India Club’ shares the same sentiment when he says that this bike ride is to motivate the young people to understand the relevance of Independence Day. “We initiated this ride six years ago to inspire the young biking population to pay respects to the martyrs of our great nation. Every year we ride up to Nandi Hills and erect the national flag, that each of the 500 bikers carry. It is placed at the highest point,” explains Anil who also points out that the participation has grown from 450 bikers last year to 1,000 this year. 

Shylesh M, another biker from ‘Riders of Bangalore’, reasons that such rides literally fire up the patriotic spirit. “None of us would like to look at Independence Day as just another holiday, we encourage the young to behave responsibly,” he states.    Shylesh also feels that these kind of rides help create awareness among people about socially relevant issues. 

   “This year we will try to sensitise people about various issues such as human trafficking and exploitation against women,” he signs off.