Rolls that rock!

Rolls that rock!

Grilled delights

Located in Koramangala, ‘Roller Coaster Rolls’ is one of the latest roll joints to establish itself in the City. Immanuel Rohan started the small eatery two years ago and hasn’t looked back since. 

The central kitchen is located in 5th block of the popular area and also masks as a small 30-seater North Indian style restaurant. But Immanuel’s main business is providing food for IT tech-parks and company canteens around the City.

 He says when he first opened up his venture, he tried selling rolls near Christ College but realised the sales were very seasonal. He continues that anywhere one goes, the sales will be seasonal so that’s why he chose tech-parks. “However, our central kitchen at Koramangala serves all kinds of North Indian food and we even have space to sit,” he says. While there are numerous roll-joints located in every corner of the City, Rohan says ‘Roller Coaster Rolls’ is different from the rest.

 “Most places charge you 20 percent more than what we do and skimp out on the stuffing, but ours is stuffed with the filling of your choice,” says the young entrepreneur. Immanuel says they have something that not many other roll joints in the City have. 

“What we do is, we grill our rolls so that the paratha doesn’t get moist and the flavour seeps into the roll. By grilling it, not only is the taste enhanced but it doesn’t get messy,” he says. 

   He  decided to grill it because of customer demand. After doing his MBA and working for a luxury and food site, Immanuel decided to open up ‘Roller Coaster Rolls’. “In a span of two years, I met with almost 800 chefs and hotel owners just in Bangalore. And I saw that a lot of them were unhappy with how their business was being run.”    He says that although he isn’t a great chef, he likes the managing aspect of it. At the tech-parks , he serves only rolls but at his restaurant, he has a variety that ranges from biryani to a thali and a range of gravies and roti. 

   The restaurant is open from 11am to 11pm. Call 9900019887 for details. AR