Utter disregard for the rules

Utter disregard for the rules

Blinding effect

Utter disregard for the rules

Violations continue unabated, despite the Bangalore traffic police imposing a strict ban of the usage of high beams within the City limits.

 While motorists protest saying that the high beams make it difficult to ride or drive, the Bangalore traffic police claim that they are doing all they can to contain the habit of using high beams. 

Most driving schools in the City do not stress on the importance of dipping the head lights when driving. Suhas S, a graduate from Kengeri says, “Sometimes when the low beam lights are not working, people tend to use the high beam headlights. This is often excused as an option during an emergency but people have the tendency to use them under normal circumstances as well.” He adds that the responsibility towards the safety of others and to oneself has to come from within. 

Some others like Sukruth MS, a process executive thinks when riding or driving, the reflection from high beams have a blinding effect. 

“High-beams have increased the accident rates, thanks to the intensity from these lights that hurt the eye. Though, there is a ban in the City on using these lights, it doesn’t seem to deter motorists,” he points out. The usage of high beam lights are visible in areas such as Bengaluru International Airport, Hebbal, Nagawara signal, BMT Layout signals. Sukruth adds that people don’t seem to care about following the guidelines on the usage of these headlights that have been  issued by the Bangalore traffic police.

With such carelessness, it is evident that people don’t care about their fellow traveller, states Karthik Nitin, an event manager in the City. He says, “Most of the motorists use high beam lights. What is dangerous is when the vehicle behind uses high beams. This can reflect on the rear mirror and can make the driver lose visibility and concentration. This can cause fatal accidents.”
 Karthik adds, “Motorists use high beam lights on highways and continue with the same even when they drive in small lanes.” 

Ask the authorities and the traffic police say that they have been looking at regulating the use of high beams. B Dayananda, Additional Commissioner of Police (traffic), says, “In the City limits, motorists should only use low beam lights. The use of high beams is prohibited. Campaigns against the use of high beams is an ongoing activity and whenever we see an increase in usage of high beam lights, we step up the drives.” 

He further states that 13, 399 cases have been booked against motorists for using high beam lights in 2014, with a fine of Rs 100. “In 2013, we registered almost 15,000 cases and in the latest campaign in July (this year) we fined about 1,200 motorists. We hope our drives make a difference,” he says.

Commenting on the mentality of the citizens, Dayananda says that this is a common phenomenon in arterial roads.

 “Using high beam lights give excess lighting to the driver but there are enough street lights in the City to enhance visibility,” he says.

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