'I am like an undercover hippie'

'I am like an undercover hippie'

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'I am like an undercover hippie'

Sobitha Dhulipala, who grabbed the limelight after she won the title of ‘Miss India Earth 2013’, knows how to carry herself on and off the ramp. 

Sobitha, who was in the City to walk for a recent fashion week, chatted with ‘Metrolife’ about her life and more. 

She points out that she was lucky to frequent the City as often as possible. “I consider Bangalore as my home. I was a young geeky kid and my first pageant happened in Bangalore after which I won the title. So I relate to the City, and this was the sweet beginning for me,” she says. 

She also points out that she loves the fact that people are laid-back here. “I mean that in a good way. There’s no maddening rush here likein Mumbai. There is a beautiful balance here,” she adds.

With the frequent trips that Sobitha makes to the City, she says that her fashion is influenced by it.  

“Somehow there is a North-Eastern element in Bangalore, which is staggeringly inspiring. People are not afraid to wear what they want and that to me is motivating. They do not bother about how they look. Even in the local markets, one can see free expression here,” she says. Sobitha adds that people here have the attitude to carry of anything well.

She says that she would never wear anything that she can’t relate to. “This is because I will not be able to justify it,” she adds. There is the need to continually evolve and that is when she feels good. 

“Sometimes I pick up something ridiculously contrasting to what usually works for me. I like breaking the rule,” she said.

“I was never much of an accessories’ person. I am a bit tomboyish. But over time, I have been able to appreciate accessories. I like accessories with a Bohemian touch. I am like an undercover hippie,” she adds.

After she won the title, Sobitha believes that style is something personal. “Winning the title was a new feeling, I was in shock. After it, I started evolving like a person.

 If you think progressively, so will be the way you dress and you willtry to understand what works for you. I wouldn’t pick up something just because it’s trending right now,” she adds.

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