'City govt schools in bad shape'

'City govt schools in bad shape'

No fan or tubelight in classrooms, poor condition of toilets are some symbols of the sorry state of affairs at government schools in city, said the Directorate of Education.

Recently, the DoE surveyed a few schools and found them in a really bad shape. The department directed the concerned officials to conduct daily inspections in schools under their respective districts and also asked them to take strong action against those principals who are found guilty.

“I have been telling school authorities to improve the basic infrastructure in their institutions. I had also issued a circular to improve the condition of toilets. Despite these instructions, I am sorry to say that some schools have turned a deaf ear to these directions,” said Padmini Singla, Director (Education).

“Last Saturday, I visited three schools. I was ashamed to see that in two of these schools, there was no functioning fan or tube light in most of the classrooms,” she said.

Even the buildings at these institutions presented the look of a barren landscape, the director added. “There were no lawns, trees, plants or even a blade of grass.”

Also, the notice boards did not have anything pasted on them, Singla said. “There were no drawings, charts or any kind of information displayed on these boards,” she added.

On Monday, the DoE conducted inspection of four schools in two other districts. “These schools too have the same set of problems but the response of few heads of schools to these issues was noticeably different,” the director said.

“I found them making sincere efforts at their level to resolve the problems. Principals are important’
The matter has strengthened her belief that proper running of schools depend on its principals, the director added.

“With the same set of resources and constraints, some principals are doing excellent work while others are putting up a poor show,” she said.

All senior officers will visit schools on a daily basis and take action against principals of those schools that are in a bad condition.

“Our aim is to provide students a basic level of infrastructure such as a neat and clean building, functional taps and toilets, well-lighted and airy rooms, where all teachers are doing their duty sincerely. No laxity will be spared,” said Singla.