Physical and mental link

Physical and mental link

In today’s times of increasing health awareness, often we come across folks who are the true-blue fitness fanatics. In that, one category are those exclusively focusing on physical health, while the second category are the ones aiming more on mental health.

In the former category, you find men folk getting into overdrive with pumping irons in gyms to get those gleaming, rippling muscles; while female folk going overboard with a stringent fitness regime, nibbling food crumbs for securing a svelte, sinuous anatomy.

Now, the second category are those people throwing importance on rather their mental health than the physical. To these folks, every day a few minutes of mind-elevating yogic techniques and relaxing meditations are sacrosanct.

These are the snap-happy folks, who don’t give a toss even if they are with a rotund anatomy. They wouldn’t mind stoking themselves up with the epicurean delicacies of food, without caring a fig even when someone hurls at them flagrant excoriating remarks on their expanding love-handles or enlarging pot-belly.

Incidentally, many of us fail to see the strong link between one’s physical and mental health, and how we simply can’t ignore either, as each one has a potent bearing on the other. For instance, the days we are feeling all spry and sprightly, to our surprise we’d find our mind too is in a totally relaxed frame.

The moment the body gets buffeted by some ailment, even as trifling as common cold, lo! In a trice, the mental gloom descends on us.

That’s the reason, when we are even a tad indisposed, we can feel our spirits drooping, with mental energy depleting and our enthusiasm levels declining. So, just as the low physical energy could act adversely on the mental health, conversely, a bad mental condition too can impact negatively on our physical state. Many documented research states that the ‘worry warts’ – the people who worry incessantly tend to become more vulnerable to ailments.

This is because, constant brain-cudgeling affects body functions, which slowly manifest as physical ailments. Chronic worrying, has pernicious effect on many of the body parts too, heart being the first casualty.

So, just as taking care of physical health is of paramount importance , nurturing mental health too is equally imperative to keep mental ailments at bay.

Apparently, one can’t deny the strong nexus between the physical and mental health, which together contributes for our complete wellbeing. For, it’s believed that once we are in fine fettle, brimming over with robust health, we can conquer even the world.

Being endowed with good health is tantamount to being bestowed with greatest of wealth. Little wonder then, a body, howsoever gorgeous, with bad health is indeed like a wondrous vehicle with wobbly chassis.