'We don't find a lot of projects that reflect reality'

'We don't find a lot of projects that reflect reality'

'We don't find a lot of projects that reflect reality'

Actor Ratna Pathak and Naseeruddin Shah have had a long and illustrious journey together. They are not only the best critics of each other but Ratna confesses that the two of them are always supportive of each other.

She says that she is often asked if she and Naseeruddin are appreciative or critical of each other’s work. “I wouldn’t say critical, in a negative way but we are both useful to each other and push the boundaries of creativity. I trust his comments a lot.”

Ratna may not be doing one film after another but an analysis of her projects speaks volumes about the talent locked inside of her. “I would like to work on those subjects that explore human conditions in all its forms. We don’t find a lot of projects that reflect reality. That’s sad,” she explains.

Ratna has no qualms stating that her talent is yet to be recognised and tapped in the right way. But she has channelised it in multiple ways. Ratna, Naseeruddin and Heeba were in the City to stage ‘A Walk in the Woods’ and ‘Ismat Apa Ke Naam’. Ratna decided to direct ‘A Walk in the Woods’ because Naseeruddin had too much on his hands.

“The play touches upon very sensitive issues between India and Pakistan. The people of the two countries have so much in common and aren’t very different each other. It is the vested interests among the politicians that’s keeping the hatred alive?” she observes.

She adds, “It is high time we lend the hand of friendship.” The other play ‘Ismat Apa Ke Naam’ has been staged in the City several times and the couple are more than delighted to bring it back. Why? “It is because of the warm reception the play gets from the audiences here. Bangalore has a very literate theatre crowd and ‘Ismat Apa Ke Naam’, which is steeped in Urdu, was much appreciated. This really surprised us,” she reasons.

Ratna is currently working on a project called ‘Nil Battey Sannaata’ which literally means hopelessness. The movie traces life of a maid servant. Ratna notes, “The maid servant does all she can to educate her daughter and I support the maid in her endeavour. The story is relevant in the present time when women and children are being targeted.”