1 killed as 2 gangs get trigger-happy

1 killed as 2 gangs get trigger-happy

Locals inform police on hearing gunshots

A face-off between two notorious rival gangs during the wee hours of Sunday resulted in the death of one member and injuries to two of them at north-west Delhi’s Rani Bagh area. 

No civilians were either killed or injured in the firing, the sound of which rang through the area. The two injured were arrested when they were discharged from a hospital after treatment. 

The duo, along with the dead gangster, were taken to hospital by a police team that arrived at the crime scene within minutes of the shooting as some locals informed police on hearing the gunshots.

On reaching the spot, police found Anil, 25, lying injured and two others, visibly injured, trying to escape from the area on foot. 

The duo, identified as Monu and Ashok, was immediately intercepted. All three were taken to Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital where Anil was declared brought dead. According to police sources, the two belong to the Neetu Dhabodia and Neeraj Bawana gangs respectively. 

The alleged gang war broke out at about 3 am on Sunday. Some members of both the gangs happened to confront each other in a market at Road Number 4 in Rani Bagh. 

“Interrogation of the arrested men has so far revealed there were five members of the Neetu Dhabodia gang and four belonging to the Neeraj Bawana gang. Together they fired about 15 shots,” a senior police officer told this newspaper.

Armed with country-made pistols, they began firing at each other for some minutes before they realised a police team was close. 

The three injured were the only ones left behind when the team reached.

Neetu, the leader of one of the gangs involved, was recently gunned down in an encounter with police. 

The officer said this had impacted the morale of his gang but had also given a chance to rival gangs in the area to try and establish their dominance. 

A crackdown on other members of the two gangs has been initiated by police following Sunday’s shootout.