'I'm waiting to see what happens'

'I'm waiting to see what happens'

'I'm waiting to see what happens'

There is a new face in Bollywood and it is none other than Pakistani actress Humaima Malick, who is known for her critically-acclaimed movie Bol.

While the movie created box office history in our neighbouring state, it is yet to be determined how the young lass will be received by Bollywood and its critics.

Humaima will be seen in this month’s new release, Raja Natwarlal, alongside romantic hero, Emraan Hashmi.

She was all praises for the actor on her recent visit to Bangalore. “People in Pakistan worship only two Bollywood actors: Salman Khan and Emraan Hashmi. I thought it would be a great opportunity to reach out to the masses because Emraan has such a huge fan base and everyone will want to watch him back home. It was a great stepping stone for me to enter into Bollywood,” she said.

“I’ve already done a film that is critically-acclaimed. So I wanted to do entertaining cinema and Kunal Deshmukh was a good option,” she added. She received a call from Kunal to audition for the role of Ziah in Mumbai. “He got back to me after three months and auditioning over 200 women.”

 Like any Emraan Hashmi film, this one is expected to have a few intimate scenes. Humaima said, “There are three kissing scenes. I’m an actor, I’m here to work and I’m going to think about what people are going to say. Intimate scenes are very technical and mechanical, with 100 people around us, so it wasn’t hard to do.”

She was all praises for co-star Emraan, “I think Emraan is one of the sweetest and most lovable actors. People in Pakistan look forward to his releases.” She added, “He is very supportive, down-to-earth, doesn’t interfere in your space, doesn’t bring the baggage of being a superstar onto the sets and is very intelligent. I like being around him and working with him.”

Humaima hopes to make it big in Bollywood soon. “You will get to see me more depending upon how you like me. I am waiting to see what happens.” She describes herself as ‘fun loving, emotional, grounded, ambitious, self-made and someone who has seen life quite early’. Hopefully we’ll see more of the Pakistani beauty in the years to come.