AirAsia to start flight between Chandigarh, Bangalore

AirAsia to start flight between Chandigarh, Bangalore

AirAsia to start flight between Chandigarh, Bangalore

The low-cost carrier AirAsia India today announced commencement of its direct flight to Chandigarh from Bangalore from September 5, saying the company's goal is be to offer fares 30 per cent cheaper than rates prevailing in the market.

"Chandigarh is our first destination in north India. The reason why we chose Chandigarh as our first destination in north is as how it could be a gateway for all hill stations in its catchment areas around Chandigarh. We believe this area is untapped," AirAsia India CEO Mittu Chandilya told reporters here today.

The company, which will be first direct flight between Chandigarh and Bangalore, will offer ticket at a minimum rate of Rs 1,900 inclusive of all taxes.

"We are starting at a base price of Rs 1,900 per ticket for first 20 tickets and then it will start growing up. We always wanted our prices to be 30 per cent lower than the rest of the market," he said.

"Fare pricing depends upon demand and supply. Early you book, the chances are that you will get ticket at lower price," he said.

"The average fare price will be Rs 3,000. But the maximum fare price will be Rs 6,500. However, for corporates, it will be Rs 8,500 (for flight between Chandigarh and Bangalore)," he said.

AirAsia is a joint venture between Tata Sons Limited, Telestra Tradeplace and AirAsia, with AirAsia holding 49 per cent, Tata Sons holding 30 per cent and rest with Telestra Tradeplace.

The company will be deploying Airbus 320 for daily flight (180 seats) between Chandigarh and Bangalore.

"We will be adding six more aircrafts by December and next year we will add 10-12 more," he said adding that at present it has one aircraft.

"We will be happy with 75 per cent of the total load for flight between Chandigarh and Bangalore," he said.

The flight will take off from Bangalore to Chandigarh at 1:30 PM and then after reaching here, it will again take off from Chandigarh at 4 PM for Bangalore.

The company also said it will start flight from Bangalore to Jaipur and vice versa on September 5. AirAsia currently flies from Bangalore to Chennai, Kochi, Goa and vice versa.