Wasim's rivals gave info to police

Wasim's rivals gave info to police

Babu Kutty managed to escape during bar girls rescue operation

Police sources said Babu, who was riding a motorcycle and perhaps armed may have been accompanying the four wheeler in which the bar girls were being transported and he may have managed to escape when police intercepted the abductors at Bagalur. The police have seized the bike, said to have been used to intercept the four wheeler at the 100 Feet Road junction and are looking for another vehicle.

According to police, Wasim and five others kidnapped 12 girls who were leaving a bar in Koramangala after work, and demanded a ransom of Rs four lakh from the bar owner. After a hot search, police traced the vehicle near Bagalur. They opened fire at the abductors, manage to apprehend them and rescued the girls.

Sources, however have discounted the claim of senior police officers that the gang was spotted by tracing calls made by the gang members from a mobile of one of the girls.

It is learnt that it was a police constable attached to Madiwala police station, within minutes after the caller identified himself as Wasim  got in touch with Wasim's rivals and collected information. He informed his seniors that Wasim had rented a house at Razak Palya and was moving around in a white Zen car. Immediately, a police team  rushed to Bagalur and started the manhunt. Wasim got wind of the chase and decided to hide for a while in a thickly wooded area near by.

After waiting for nearly three hours, Wasim decided to leave the hideout, but happened to bump into the police party.

Wasim, who was in jail came out on bail a day after his brother  Zabiullah alias Zabi was murdered on October 14, 2009 in Subhas Nagar, allegedly by Shahnawaz and associates at the directions of Mahim. But during his stay in jail, Wasim was allegedly attacked by Mahim’s associates Nawaz and others. Soon after he came out on bail, Wasim formed a gang  and tried to  kidnap bar girls like his brother Nasru.
Wasim’s associates Hidayath and Syed Pasha who were injured in the run-in with the police, claim to be BBM and II PUC students respectively.

No reward for the rescuers

City Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari has not announced  reward for the  officers of the Bangalore South-East division, who rescued kidnapped girls within six hours of the complaint being registered.