Police nab 'snake' gang for rape of 37 women

Police nab 'snake' gang for rape of 37 women

A notorious group of seven men, which used pet snakes to threaten and gang-rape about 37 women, has been nabbed by the police.

The modus operandi of the “snake gang” of Pahadishareef was to follow the trail of young lovers on bikes until they reach a secluded spot. The seven-members of the gang, who train at a local gym and are known wrestlers, would then terrorise victims by coiling snakes around their necks and taking turns to rape them.

They would also videotape the vile acts and force victims not to report anything to the police by threatening to release the footage on the Internet.

The police said they have seized this footage, which will now serve as evidence against the gang. “We have seized video clippings from their mobiles and CDs at their house,” the local additional commissioner of police handling the case said. The officer also said the gang recorded the gruesome crimes on several carefully numbered storage cards.

In its latest sex crime, which led the police to it, the gang broke into a farmhouse on the outskirts of Pahadishareef after beating up the security guard. They then beat up a couple, an 18-year-old woman and her fiance, inside the farmhouse.

Armed with a six-foot-long snake, the men took turns to gang-rape the helpless woman in front of her fiance, the son of a businessman, while recording the heinous act.