Microbes released into Ulsoor lake

Microbes released into Ulsoor lake

Kiran P Kulkarni, project convener, EM Technology - Global Academy of Technology said, “EM Technology is an environment-friendly technique used to cleanse water bodies. Micro-organisms like lacto bacilli, yeast and phototrophs are mixed in equal quantities in liquid form, which would further be used for cleaning.”

Kulkarni explained, “The technology is an environment-friendly method as the microbes feast on the biodegradable materials. The lacto bacilli will grow in the water dispelling the odour in the lake, while yeast and phototrophs feed on the sludge that exists in the lake. These micro-organisms are harmless and also survive in our own bodies, without causing any harm. Phototroph is an organism that manufactures its own food from inorganic substances using light for energy and hence, it is safe to use these to cleanse the lakes.” A few examples of phototrophs are green plants, certain algae, and photosynthetic bacteria.

Defence activities

Emphasising on the importance of the lake, he said, “The lake is of great importance to the Madras Engineers Group in terms of boating and other defence activities. The water body which comprises of approximately three crore litres of water, has been divided into two portions and the injection of micro-organisms has been started in one part of the lake.”

The entire lake requires about 20,000 litres of EM technology solution to be cleansed of the odour and the sludge. Kulkarni added the technology has been used in 150 countries for its eco-friendly aspect and is used in Tamil Nadu extensively by the municipality to clean and maintain water bodies.