Aamir denies staying at hotel in trouble

Aamir denies staying at hotel in trouble

Aamir denies staying at hotel in trouble

Aamir KhanAamir who is back in the city after travelling across the country in disguise for the past two weeks to promote his upcoming film "3 Idiots"  said that he undertook the journey to meet with as many "real" people as possible.

"Nobody knows where I stayed during my visit to the city, which was my first stop. Since I was travelling, I came to know about the controversy much later. I had actually planned to stay at the Varanasi railway station and interact with people," Aamir told reporters here.

The 44-year-old actor said that he decided to visit the city because it was where his mother grew up.

"As I moved around the city in disguise asking for the locality where my mother lived as a child, there were so many people who came to help me that my plans got changed," he said.

The actor justified his novel idea of marketing the movie saying that it was creative marketing and it went with the story of the film.

"In the film, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi are looking for Rancho, played by me. The story is about their journey looking for their missing friend. So I got the idea where the audiences can also be part of this search," he said.

Speaking about his promotional idea, Aamir said that the "bharat darshan" was an personally enriching experience.

"We actors get disconnected from our roots and the real world after a while. I was moving around in disguise and got to interact with ordinary people in different cities. During my travel I realised how proud I was to be born an Indian. As I moved across different states, I realised that diversity is our real strength," he said.
His travels took him to various corners of the city, from Varanasi where he put on the garb of an old man, to Kolkata where he posed as an ardent fan of cricketer Sourav Ganguly.

In Faridkot, Punjab, he dressed as a documentary filmmaker to attend a wedding and visited a Gandhain school in a small Gujarati village.
Aamir has invited 24 persons who became his friends during his tour to the premiere of the film in Mumbai.