Circus begins at Palace Grounds

Circus begins at Palace Grounds

Acrobatic performances by a Tanzanian troop, a football match of German boxer dogs, and a Globe of Death performance are the highlights of the circus this time around.

The organisers are looking to set up an academy for training circus performers and is seeking land for the purpose, Ivan Nigli, former MLA and member of Karnataka Circus Fans Association told mediapersons.

He said they have already come up with an academy in Kerala to produce world-class Indian artistes. “Right now we have to heavily rely on foreign artistes because there are not enough skilled artistes in India,” he said.

Nigli also echoed the circus artistes’ plea of monetary help from the government. “Artistes retire early in life due to the nature of the job and then they are left jobless,” he said.

“We’ve established Karnataka Circus Fans Association to garner help for the circle artists. They entertain us and something should be done for their upliftment,” Nigli remarked.
The circus will continue till mid-February.  There will be three shows everyday at 1, 4 and 7 pm.