Jenny's Christmas wish

Jenny's Christmas wish

Jenny's Christmas wish

Jenny is her best friend.  She reads out heart-warming stories to grandma. Rich folk tales and delightful Christmas stories which granny relishes very much.
“ When your mummy was a little girl as you,” said granny to Jenny warmly, “ I would  read her bedtime tales, kiss her goodnight and tuck her up in bed to sleep.”

The joy of Christmas rings in the air. Jenny is full of happiness. Granny is very cheerful too. Jenny and her granny decide to have a super Christmas together. Jenny is  granny’s walking stick. Together they visit the mart on Christmas Eve. 

Granny has decided to present Jenny a Christmas tree. They stop by Uncle Harris’s  shop. Uncle Harris greets Jenny. He welcomes granny affectionately. At the window is a beautiful pink-laced doll. Jenny spots the Christmas Doll. 

“ Gramma!” Jenny jumps up and down excitedly.
“ What is it Jenny?” asks granny.
“ The Christmas trees, granny.”  
Jenny knows granny has very little money.  “ Come right in,” Uncle Harris requests granny to step into the shop.

 Jenny helps granny into Uncle Harris’s shop. Uncle Harris lowers the special Christmas doll for Jenny. She hugs it fondly in her little arms. The doll has bright blue eyes and a  pretty face. Uncle Harris places the doll on the glass rack. She can dance. She can sing  Christmas carols very well too. 

“ You really like this doll, don’t you?” Uncle Harris asks Jenny.
Jenny nods her young head. Oh, look at Uncle Harris smile.  Jenny looks up silently into  her granny’s face. 

Christmas trees of all sizes, like green soldiers, are arranged in rows.  
“ Well, you like that one?” granny points her fingers blindly at a little green pine tree,” Is it beautiful?”
“ Oh it’s really pretty,” Jenny is sad. She turns and looks at the doll for one last time.

There is one Christmas tree with a golden star on the top, smiling down on the others.
“ This is a wish tree, Jenny,” Uncle Harris cheers her up, “ Take this tree home with you.
Your one dear Christmas wish will come true.” 

Jenny casts one long, sad look at the doll. She carries the Christmas tree home.  
She tells granny she has bought the finest Christmas tree displayed at Uncle Harris’s  shop. She lies to her grandma, she is sad no more. 

Back  home, Jenny busily decorates the wonderful Christmas tree. Granny is  watching, her sad eyes closed. 

 “ Does the tree look even more beautiful?” asks granny in a feeble voice.
Grandma watches sadly, her eyes shut to our beautiful world. 

“ It’s truly amazing, granny,” Jenny feels so bad for her grandmother, “ I wish you could see it. It is a splendid wish tree!”
Someone calls out granny’s name, loud and clear. It’s Jenny’s mother.  
“ We’re late, mum,” Joan said, “ Hurry, get into my car.”  
Joan carries a big bag with her.  
“ Going for a drive with granny?” Jenny speaks excitedly,” Can I hop in too?”  
“ I’m afraid not,” Joan says to Jenny,” I am taking granny to a very special place.”
“ Be home quick, granny!” Jenny waves her hand.

Joan is back home from the ride. She returns alone. It’s night. Sad stars blink dimly in the sky.  
“ Mum, where’s grandma?” asks Jenny surprised.
“ Isn’t she old and blind?” Joan speaks sternly, “ She will live in an old people’s home for the  blind. She ain’t coming back again.”

“ That’s cruel, mum,” exclaims Jenny,” Please bring granny back!”
She is very upset. There are large teardrops on her black eyelashes.
“ Poor granny!” adds Jenny, a lace of sadness around her heart, “ She showered her  love  on you and cared for you as a baby. Now she needs your love and care.”  
Jenny slumps down upon the carpet. She closes her eyes. She pictures the lovely Christmas doll in her mind. She misses granny.  She knows there’s a wish up her sleeve. A special  Christmas wish…
Can you guess Jenny’s Christmas wish? 

“ Oh, Christmas tree,” whispers Jenny,” I wish to be with granny on Christmas Day and everyday thereafter.” 

  On the moring of Christmas, Jenny’s mother wakes up as the sun yawns.  
“ What an amazing dream !” she tells Jenny. “ The Lord has asked me to bring granny  back to you.”

Joan speaks as she rubs her eyes.  She soon drives out in her car and fetches granny.

“ Oh granny! Welcome back!” Jenny flings her arms around granny’s neck.  
“ I’m sorry, mum,” says Joan,” You will always be with us, I promise.”  
“ Merry Christmas, grandma!” Jenny greets her joyfully.  
“ Merry Christmas, dear Jenny!” says granny,” a quiet smile upon her wrinkled face.
Jenny is delighted. Her Christmas wish has indeed come true.  
Yet she misses the Christmas doll. 

“ Come let’s celebrate Christmas together!” calls Joan. 

At the stroke of eight, the doorbell rings.  
“ Father Santa Claus!” says Jenny,” Oh what a surprise!”  
She simply can’t believe her eyes.  
“ A Christmas gift !” smiles Santa, “ for a wonderful little girl.”
Santa Claus steps in, trips over the carpet and …oops!
Out flies his red cap. Comes out his white beard. 

“ Uncle Harris!” Jenny claps her hands and laughs loudly. Everyone laughs too.
Jenny opens her present. It is the special Christmas doll that she has yearned for.  
She whispers into granny’s ears what she had wished for… and the Christmas doll! “ Sometimes for one noble wish,” granny tells Jenny proudly, “ another longing wish comes true.”