Endless glory of the Lord

The power and glory of the Lord’s magnificence and majesty cannot be quantified.

Those seekers who are ever absorbed in Him, who constantly sing His praise and who are ever satisfied in fixing their attention on Him are conferred the yoga of wisdom and become dear to Him.

 They receive pure knowledge, a state where all ignorance is shed.

To Arjuna’s query that He must clarify in what aspects must He be contemplated, Sri Krishna responds with some of the beautiful stanzas contained in the Gita: “I am the Self, O Master of Sleep, dwelling in the hearts of all beings and the beginning, the middle and end of all beings/Of Aditya, I am Vishnu, of luminosities I am the sun with rays/of Maruts I am Marichi/of heavenly bodies, I am the moon/Of Vedas, I am the Sama Veda/of deities, I am Indra/of the senses, I am the mind/of being, I am awareness/Of the Rudras, I am Shiva/of the Yakshas and Rakshasas, I am Kubera, the ruling deity of wealth/of the Vasus, I am fire/of the high-peaked ones, I am Meru.”

“Know Me O Son of Pritha, the chief of the priests, Brihaspati/Of commanders, I am Skanda/of the lakes I am the ocean/Among the sages, I am Bhrigu/of speeches, I am the indestructible syllable OM/of sacrifices, I am the sacrifice called japa/of immovable ones, I am the Himalayas.” “Of all the trees, I am the holy fig/of celestial sages, I am Narada/Of the Gandharvas/I am Chitrartha/of adepts, I am the sage Kapila/Among horses, know me to be Uchchaihshravas born of the nectar of immortality, of the chiefs of elephants Airavata and among human beings, the king/”

Finally: “There is no end to My celestial magnificences O scorcher of Enemies/I have recounted My magnificences in such detail only by way of illustration.” And later: “Of what use is it for you to know m uch more? Only with a particle of Mine I dwell holding this entire world.”

According to Swami Rama: “Poets and sages vainly praise the grandeur, beauty and loftiness of different aspects of the Lord's manifestation. But manifestations are only fragments of the beauty of the whole. There is only one pervading power and this universe is just a fraction of its manifestation. Of what use is it to grasp a partial view? That is only a glimpse of the part and not the knowledge of the whole. To know partial truth is not to attain knowledge of the infinite.” 

All that is beautiful is the Lord’s manifestation. In all manifestations, “It is the Lord alone that smiles through all these faces.” It cannot be grasped by the ordinary human mind.

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