'We have tried to create a sense of curiosity for browsers'

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'We have tried to create a sense  of curiosity for browsers'

 ChetanThe website of Suryakaanti which was ready had to undergo a makeover. Actor Chetan has taken special interest in this matter. As the website lacked a lot of information about the movie, director Chaitanya and Chetan, along with a few others, have spent around three weeks trying to bring it to a shape.

Chetan says, "When we promote the movie through radio or television, there are chances of people missing out on the information due to various reasons. But if it is a website, people can check it out at their own leisure and they can interact as well. It is a connecting media, it can connect locally as well internationally. It is a good way of getting the word across to a larger audience." About the initiative taken to bring about the makeover in the website, he says, "When I first saw it, there was not much information about the movie on the website. It was technically very good but content wise, it lacked a lot. Since I knew a lot about the movie I thought why don't I sit along and spend some time to make the website more appealing and informative." 

As for the changes made, he says, "We have stated five concepts which come in the movie, they are love, action, family sentiments, dualism and suspense or mystery. Five different themes are also used. There are also a lot of visuals which will create interest in everyone's minds. We have tried to create a sense of curiosity." When asked about his experience while making the website, he says, "I enjoyed working for a different aspect of Suryakaanti. It was a lot of fun, I also got involved a lot more in the movie." The website will also have the content in Kannada as well.

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