Katta, Ashok too slam chief minister

Katta, Ashok too slam chief minister

Speaking to reporters, they said if the CM wanted to induct a minister he could have chosen a sincere worker like S K Bellubbi, who was dropped to make way for Somanna (who subsequently lost an election to the Assembly and lost the ministership).

“Moreover, Bellubbi is from Bijapur District which is unrepresented in the Cabinet unlike Davangere.”

Dalit representation

Refuting Jigajinagi’s allegation, State Representative in Delhi Dhananjay Kumar said Karnataka has seven Dalit ministers while a dalit was made Rajya Sabha member when the vacancy arose.
The BJP has the most number of Dalit MLAs in Karnataka and they have also been given adequate representation in party posts.

The CM said he met new BJP president Nitin Gadkari and discussed with him the state political developments.

Gadkari would visit the state soon and speak to the legislators. The chief minister also disclosed a new Speaker of the Legislative Assembly would be elected before December 30 when the current session draws to a close.