Stylish yet simple

Stylish yet simple

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The student of Mount Carmel College is wearing sweater from Zara and tights from Forever New.“I’m not very fond of bright colours. As long as the outfit looks good, I’m happy. It’s not just about how an outfit looks but about comfort. You should be able to carry off the clothes without having to try too hard. I like to dress according to the situation and in sober colours.”


The student of Mount Carmel College is wearing a jumpsuit from Reliance Trends and a sling bag bought online. 
I don’t like spending a lot of time on dressing and makeup. I always try to keep it simple. Jumpsuits are ‘fashion with comfort’. I developed a love for them as they are easy to wear and super stylish.

I don't like to accessories too much, so I paired it up with a spiked neckpiece. I like wearing flats. I also have a huge love for wrist watches and finger rings, I never leave home without these.  In my opinion,  simple girls are the cutest.