Gangsters with weird code names land behind bars

Gangsters with weird code names land behind bars

A well organised gang of cheaters, that did not hesitate from pulling out a gun and employed code names for its members, has been apprehended, police said on Wednesday.

They specifically targeted cash-laden migrants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh on their way back to their native places from Delhi.

Police said in a statement that the gang kept surveillance at Metro stations and bus stands to identify their targets.

Based on their luggage, the gang would ascertain if the victims were returning to their native states. 

Those with luggage would naturally be expected to be carrying cash they earned during their time in Delhi, said police.

Four members of the gang have been held while the fifth accused, Vinod, continues to be on the run. Vinod allegedly went by the code name “Control room” as he was the kingpin of the gang.

Any operation would be headed by a person who would be called “Dare master”. 

A gang member with the code name “Labour” was allotted the work of identifying the victims and luring them to his accomplice who would go by the name “Doubler”.

The Doubler not only performed the final act of stealing the luggage, he also carried firearms to scare the victims into parting with their cash.

The victims were known as “Doctors” in their circle. The gang was infamous as the “Doubler Gang”. Of the four known cases of robbery, theft and cheating registered with Delhi Police, the most prominent was reported in late-May.

The victim Amit Kumar had been lured from a Metro train by one of the gang members on the pretext of providing him a confirmed ticket to his hometown in Bihar.

He introduced Kumar to a person who posed as a train ticket checker who went on divert the victim’s attention to steal his luggage.

When Kumar noticed it, he found a pistol pointed at himself and had to part with cash, mobile phone and ATM card.

Four members of the gang were arrested from Green Park Metro Station last Friday after police learnt from a source that they were to assemble there. 

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