Student attempts to sell bird nest, arrested

Student attempts to sell bird nest, arrested

Student attempts to sell bird nest, arrested

The Cubbon Park police have arrested a degree student who attempted to sell Baya Weaver bird nests through an online portal, in violation of the Wildlife Protection Act.

The police said that the accused Gagan, 23, is a resident of Rajajinagar and a native of Balehonnur in Chikamagalur. He is a student in a private college in the City. He was trying to sell the nest to make quick bucks. 

The incident came to light after a wildlife warden with BBMP came across an advertisement for the sale of bird on As selling the nest is in violation of the Wildlife Protection Act, he approached the police.

 Posing as customers, they laid a trap, contacted Gagan and told him that they were interested in buying the nest. Gagan told them that each nest would cost Rs 500 and he had around 42 of them at his house. The police made him to come near Queen’s Statue at Cubbon Park.

On October 2, the police, in the guise of customers met Gagan and start negotiating the price. They examined a couple of nests which he had carried and confirmed them to be genuine. They immediately arrested him and took him to his house, where they found around 40 nests. After examining the nests, they suspected that the birds had recently built the nest.

It is also said that the nests looked fresh and the accused might have destroyed the eggs or killed the chicks, as the stench emanating from the nest was strong, added police. The Cubbon Park police have booked the Gagan under Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and Section 379 (theft) of Indian Penal Code.

A senior police officer said, “In his statement, Gagan mentioned he and his three friends got the nests. He claimed that he brought the nests from his friend’s farm. But, he is yet to reveal the place. The police are interrogating him to find if more people are involved in this racket.”

The website cannot be held responsible as they have mentioned the disclaimers clearly on the website. The police are trying to chalk out a plan to keep tabs on such activities the free ad websites, added the officer.