Royal bath for Dasara jumbos

Royal bath for Dasara jumbos

Royal bath for Dasara jumbos

A day after performing the arduous duty with elan, it was time to relax for Dasara elephants and their mahouts camping at the Palace on Sunday.

While 12 of the total 14 elephants that took part in the world famous Jamboo Savari on Saturday were given a hot bath, the mahouts and kavadis reminisced the moments associated with the procession.

Arjuna, who carried the 750-kg golden howdah with ease for the third consecutive year, was tethered beside the fountain of Lord Shiva in the corner, while the other elephants with decorations still on, were being given a bath.

Abhimanyu, who pulled ‘Aane Gaadi’ with Police Band inside during the procession, and second after Arjuna to be shouldered with herculean task, however, was in a playful mood.

He found perfect company in Varalakshmi, with whom he mated after wooing her all of Saturday night.

According to some of the mahouts and kavadis, Abhimanyu who developed a strong desire to mate for being in ‘masth’ after returning from Jamboo Savari, tried to woo ‘Varalakshmi’ and ‘Mary’ the same night. Varalakshmi, who seemed tired for the day, refused to cooperate. In the meantime, when Gajendra interfered, Abhimanyu shooed him away with his trunk, chortled a mahout.

It wasn’t unusual for the pachyderms that were fed with special diet of beaten rice, jaggery, glucose, haystack and coconut, to keep them fit and strong on the D-day, to develop the feeling to mate. Vijaya, who had participated in Dasara two years ago, had mated with another elephant, and had delivered a calf in the first week of August.

Return journey

Elephants are scheduled to return to their respective forest camps on October 7. Before that, as is the tradition, the mahouts, kavadis and their families will be treated to a sumptuous breakfast or lunch by the district administration.