'We have learnt from our mistakes'

'We have learnt from our mistakes'

fusion band

Their music is raw and has the ability to take you back to your roots and leave you wanting for more. 

The band ‘Lagori’ gets its name from the game played on the street using seven stones. In most of their compositions, they follow the technical rhythm pattern of 7/8. They also say it has a catchy name which anyone can remember. 

‘Lagori’ is a popular  fusion rock band which emerged in 2011 and consists of Tejas as the lead vocalist, Edward and Geeth on guitars, Shalini on bass and Vinyl on drums. 

The band has performed at several places like IIT Hyderabad, Storm Festival, NH7, and with artistes like Raghu Dixit. What’s interesting about the band is that it is Shalini, who steals the show and has the maximum fan-following. 

She breaks some of the myths that people have about a female rockstar. She says, “There are certain preconceived notions about female rockstars. People say girls should not become rockstars and so on. Some have told me that for a woman, I’m a very good bassist!

And I have responded saying I’m a good performer. So these things will always be there but I do what I love. My band members have never looked at it that way. We all are performers at the end of the day.”

Edward says, “She is one of the best performers we have, she plays better than most guys I know. She is a real crowd-puller and has helped us gain a lot of popularity.”

Talking about the music scene in the City, Tejas says it’s at its peak right now and Bangalore is open to different genres of music. “The fact that every single day of the week, there are multiple bands playing at different parts of the City is testimony enough to that. We have a great music culture going and it can only get better from here.”

Their music takes you on a euphoric ride. “Everything in this world inspires us to make music. Be it the smiles on the faces of people, or nature or the everyday emotions we go through. They all play a big role in the kind of music we make,” says Tejas.

The band initially faced a lot of challenges but it has been three years now and the fear has been converted into strength. 

“We have learnt from our mistakes, dealt with a few basic challenges like the sound, and we strive to make every live show of ours better than the other for our fans. All our shows will always be special in our hearts,” says Vinyl. While Tejas and Shalini are full time musicians, Geeth, Edward and Vinyl take pride and pleasure in their jobs. Be it a HR manager or a chartered accountant, at the end of the day, they say they are blessed to be musicians!

The band recently released a series of videos on YouTube with Kappa TV. “This project has been extremely dear to us. So people can just YouTube for ‘Lagori’ at Music Mojo-KappaTV and find our recent work there. We are recording a couple of new singles. A big surprise for our fans. These new songs are going to be really special. ‘Lagori’ in a different avatar almost!” endsEdward.

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