Taking the short cut

Taking the short cut

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Taking the short cut

Short hair seems to be the ‘in’ thing. From beach waves and boy cuts to bob cuts and pixie cuts, women seem to be sporting everything, mainly because it cuts down on maintenance.

You can play around with short hair and it doesn’t take you a long time to decide on which style to go with. Prashanth, of Bounce Hair Salon, says that although a lot of young women aren’t completely into styling their hair these days, boy cuts and bob cuts are the preferred look. He says that for women with long hair, a braided hairstyle in a bun seems to be in vogue as the braided bangs and a ‘quiff’ look gives a refined, formal appearance to them.   
“Girls from the age group of 25 to 35 years mainly prefer short hair or hair which comes till the shoulder. It’s easier to maintain but maintenance also depends on each one’s texture. Girls should come in for regular trimming to avoid split ends and those with wavy and curly hair should shampoo it regularly,” he says. 

Shruthanwita Chakraborty, a professional working for an advertising agency, who loves experimenting with new styles says that short hair or bob cuts work best for her.

   “It helps me a lot during the heat since I don’t have to spend a lot of time styling it. The messy, out-of-the-bed look leaves me comfortable and at the same time, looks presentable,” she says.

Priya, another youngster says that she opted for short hair because of her small face and says that as looks and hairstyles are subjective, they should be according to a person’s face cut. 

Rohini, another professional sporting a bob cut, has an interesting story to share. “Two years ago, in Europe and New York, almost everyone cut their hair to a ‘pixie’ style which continues to be a fashionable even to this day. I like short hair because it’s easier to wash, blow dry and maintain. My hair is thin and it’s easier to maintain this look. For me, it’s not just about fashion but also for practical use as my job involves a lot of running around and my hair shouldn’t get in the way,” she wraps up.