Film on Gujjar agitation in theatres soon

Film on Gujjar agitation in theatres soon

The Gujjar agitation has been the bone of contention for governments in Rajasthan but the issue has enough drama to inspire film-makers from Uttar Pradesh.

The action, drama and tragedy of Gujjar agitation has been encapsulated in the movie Gujjar Andolan which will hit theatres on October 17. The movie will be released in Gujjar-dominated areas of Rajasthan and several states of northern India.

Interestingly Gujjar leaders, going by the aggression shown in promos, feel that film may provoke sentiments of youth and community for another round of agitation.

The movie has real life characters of all stalwarts of the community like Kirori Singh Bainsla, who spearheaded the agitations in 2007 and 2008.

“The movie is inspired from Gujjar agitation and we have tried to use real pictures and videos of 2007 and 2008 agitation. It will be released in eastern Rajasthan and other Gujjar-dominated areas of states like UP, Haryana, MP, Rajasthan, Delhi and Punjab,” said Anirudh Singh, producer of the movie.

Singh said the movie will comprise all the action, tragedy and sacrifice that revolved around Gujjar agitation since 2007.

“The demand of Gujjar reservation is very old but after 2007 the agitation became very aggressive and even claimed 70 lives. We have tried to show actual happening and present status of the issue,” said Singh.

The writer, director and actor, Arun Nagar also belongs to the Gujjar community, he added.

Meanwhile, leaders of Gujjar community are very optimistic about the movie. “We welcome the movie but the aggression shown in promos was too much. We have got nothing despite so much sacrifices. So this truth coupled with aggression may revive the sentiments community members,” said Himmat Singh, a Gujjar leader.

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