Bands get bigger and better

Bands get bigger and better

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Bands get bigger and better

Many people think they might look silly sporting a bow or an oversized hairband, but there are many funky ways to wear one without looking like it’s your first day of kindergarten. Fear not about looking silly, because broad hairbands are a rage today with experts giving them a thumbs-up for the cool, casual look.

Talking about the fashion of oversized hairbands, Shagun Chadha, CEO,, says, “The Greeks and Romans wore headbands for special occasions. But now, hairbands have slowly taken shape from scarves and there are a variety of ways to wear the traditional elastic headband nowadays. Oversized hairbands can be the perfect hair accessories to keep your hair under control, especially if you are having a bad hair day. And they are particularly useful when you are travelling.

However, choosing the wrong style can make your look worse. So, one should be pretty confident about whether they have a round, square, oval, heart-shaped or oblong-shaped face before opting for it.”

Oversized hairbands go well with a high ponytail. Slick your hair back into a ponytail and place the headband about two inches behind the hairline. Secure the headband in place with two bobby pins so it won’t slip. One can also go for a low ponytail and then wear an oversized hairband. Pair oversized hairband with pigtails. Make a tight pigtail that is medium high and place the headband two inches back from the hairline. This will create a cute and sporty look. You can also place an oversized hairband three inches behind the hairline and wrap the hair around the headband until it’s all tucked in the back. This will create a curly and elegant look.

Rosy Ahluwalia, accessory designer, says, “Retro style is really in nowadays and so people are opting for such oversized bands. It depends on the size of a hairband, but generally oversized bands suit broad and big faces well. There are different varieties of oversized bands like embellished, embroidered, neon and pop colours.”

“There are different types of attire which go well with oversized hairbands, like, a one piece plain dress. A pop coloured oversized hairband will suit a retro look. The oversized hairband looks best on straight and short hair. For curly hair one can try bow-shaped oversized hairbands,” advises Ahluwalia.

Wearing an oversized hairband can be one of the greatest things for those who like to have a little fun. They may not be completely appropriate for work but one can definitely surprise people with this new look by sporting a giant bow at a