Devotees prepare for Vaikunta Ekadashi

Devotees prepare for Vaikunta Ekadashi

Devotees prepare for Vaikunta Ekadashi

ISKCON temple decorated on the eve of Vaikunta Ekadashi on Sunday. DH PHOTO

The festival is based on the  belief that on Vaikunta Ekadashi, ‘Vaikunta Dwara’ or ‘the gate to Lord’s Inner Sanctum' is opened on this day and who ever happens to die on this day, is for sure to enter heaven.

According to Vishnu Purana, fasting on Vaikunta Ekadashi is equivalent to fasting on the remaining 23 Ekadashis of the (Hindu) year.  Fasting on Ekadashi is considered holier than any other religious observation.

Lord  Venkateshwara opened the gate of Vaikunta (his abode) for two demons in spite of they being against the Lord. They asked for the boon that who ever listens to their story and sees the image of Lord coming out of the door called Vaikunta Dwara, will reach Vaikunta.  For the same reason, temples all over India make a door kind of structure on this day for devotees to pass through.

Preparation at temples
The Lord's darshan at Sree Varapada Venkateshwara Devagiri Temple will begin at 3 in the morning for devotees with Seva ticket followed by opening of Vaikunta Dwara at 6 am and darshan for general public from 7:30 am onwards. Secretary of the temple J H Madan said that more than one lakh people are expected at the temple on Monday.

Sri Punduranga Vishu Sahasranama Mandali will be organising Bruhat Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana Maha Yagna and Kote Tulasi Archana the second time at Malleswaram grounds. The day will begin at 5 am in the morning chanting shlokas for non-stop 27 hours for 108 times which will go on till Dec 29 morning  up to 5 am.

ISKON temple has been decked up for special day, the event will start at 4 am with Abhisheka, Pallaki Ustsava and Vaikunta Dwara Pratishtha. More than 1.5 lakh devotees are expected at the temples and will be allowed inside the temple for darshan from 9 am to 11 pm.