PM unveils plan for easy business

PM unveils plan for easy business

'Shramev Jayate' scheme to provide skilled workforce

In his continued efforts to win over investors, domestic and foreign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday unveiled “Shramev Jayate” programme aimed at making business easy to do in India and providing a skilled workforce to the industry.

He claimed that e-initiatives introduced through the programme will help ‘Make in India’ slogan a success. The programme combines labour welfare schemes and facilities with such reforms that make employers free from “Inspector Raj” and “filing too many returns”. “Making business easy to do is the responsibility of the government. The legal structure, its infrastructure, its speed— are interlinked. And, that is why ease of business is the priority of Make in India,” Modi explained. 

Modi formally inaugurated the Shram Suvidha portal and New Inspection Scheme that are aimed at making easy for the companies to register and file returns. The portal has the facility to file one return for complying with 16 labour laws.

Referring to the portal, Modi said it would free businessmen from filling up too many forms. He said that anyone can access its details by putting the number of company.

Similarly, he lauded the new inspection scheme in which labour inspectors would randomly choose the establishment that is to be inspected and file the return within 72 hours.

Modi also inaugurated Apprentice Protsahan Yojna (Apprentice encouragement Scheme) that provides for 50 per cent reimbursement of the stipend paid to apprentices during first two years of their training. Modi stressed the need to strengthen Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and other initiatives for skill development.

Modi also took pain to explain how labour reforms aimed at easing business environment are not contradictory to the welfare of the workers and wanted to convey his compassion for workers. He said when mobile numbers are portable, PF accounts of workers can also become portable. He launched Universal Account Number (UAN). He also launched revamped Rashtriya Swasthya Yojna (RSBY).