Whisking up a sweet dream

Whisking up a sweet dream


Whisking up a sweet dream

Karen Lobo quit her job as a corporate professional when she had a baby and turned to her true passion — baking. She started her online venture ‘Sweet Whisk’ as she found it exhausting to juggle between her family and career.

“Baking has always been my passion. I couldn’t never stay away from baking fruit cakes and tarts for different events at church,” she laughs. 

She bakes a number of tempting delicacies like cupcakes, breakfast and tea-time loaves and theme-based cakes which are the highlight of her venture. 

The unique selling point is that though Karen’s toppers are made of fondant, she prefers to make fresh cream cakes instead of fondant covered ones as she finds the latter unhealthy, too sweet and expensive.

 “A lot of gelatin is used on fondant covered cakes. At times, people just peel off the fondant before having the cake which is a waste. Vegetarian fondant cakes are priced higher and I don’t like to pinch the pockets of my clients. The fresh cream we use is a non-dairy cream made from soya which is a healthy option.”

Karen believes that for baking, though innovation and creativity come with experience, one has to be perfect with the basics. From baking for friends and family, she has baked goodies for weddings, events, birthdays, corporates and event management companies. She hopes to have a full-fledged store once her baby grows up. 

Despite her hectic schedule, she doesn’t want to go back to the corporate world as she is extremely satisfied with her job. “Though time management and planning were two challenges initially and even today, I don’t sleep for two days continuously at times because of my busy schedule, I don’t mind it because I love looking after my baby and venture,” she says.

 Karen Lobo can be reached at sweetwhisk­13@gmail.com or 9740361556.