Cleanliness drive yet to reach Dalit colony in Sollapura

Cleanliness drive yet to reach Dalit colony in Sollapura

The Prime Minister's call for a Clean India through Swacch Bharath Abhiyan is yet to reach dalit colony in Sollapura.

Cleanliness is a dream for the residents with the drains overflowing in front of houses.  The colony is devoid of basic facilities including road, water and drains. The colony waits for a cleanliness drive. The roads have not seen asphaltation. Owing to lack of drains, waste water remains stagnant in front of the house.

The walls of the houses are in deplorable condition.  The lack of drainage results in emanating foul smell and turned into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The stagnant drain water is not just put the residents to hardship but is also affecting the children.

There are over 500 houses in the colony. With a rain, the sewage water enters the houses.  The stagnant concoction of faeces and stale water is what the residents must live with everyday.

The concerned authorities have dug a pit for constructing a compound wall for the government high school. The rain water gets stagnated in pit and there are all possibilities of children falling into the pit while playing. There are no toilets in the houses. The colony do not have even public toilet facilities.

As a result, open defecation is order of the day. The colony also faces disruption in power supply. The colony residents receive electricity 12 hours a day in single face.

The district administration should turn its eye towards the colony and ensure basic facilities to the residents. The funds earmarked for the implementation of development works in Dalit colonies should be utilised effectively, said the residents.