Elaborate movements on stage

Elaborate movements on stage

The annual festival of classical events featured some vibrant performances choreographed by the students of Shiyapriya.

Children under the age of ten presented their innate dancing skills before the art enthusiasts who had turned out in huge numbers at the venue.
As the hall was packed, many enthusiastic dance lovers chose to stand up throughout the event to savour vivid performances.

The event began with the students presenting adavus, a series of steps that were taught in the beginning. Later they went one performing Jatiswaras, combination of adavus and other Bharatanatyam techniques such as elaborate neck and eye movements and detailed descriptions of bhedas.
Infinity, a  kind of fusion dance, saw great response from the audience.
It brought all kinds of Indian and folk dance on to the stage including Manipuri, Panjabi dance, Rajasthani folk, Bangra and fusioned them with contemporary dance style.

It offered a vibrant potpourri of all kinds of dance forms which are practiced across the world.
The prime focus of the event was Sapthaa, a colourful dance drama choreographed by Shama Sanjay.
It elaborated the seven sub-forms of Shringara rasa through the love story of Dushyanta and Shakuntala. Shivapriya Dance Ensemble, an eight-member team enthralled the audience through their wide range of movements, postures and rhythm.

The School also felicitated Mantap Prabhakar, an exponent of Ekavyakti Yakshagana and Krishnamurthy Thunga, a renowned Yakshagana teacher.
Actor and politician Srinath and his wife Geetha Srinath, veteran art critic Sulochana Saralaya, Hindustani vocalist Lalitha Ubhayaker were also present.

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