Hindu tazia at Moharram

 Among the colourful and artistic tazias taken out by Shia Muslims in this small town, the green tazia, made with freshly grown mustard seeds, speaks volumes of cordial relations between the two communities.

Long before flower shops load their racks with sehras, veils of jasmine and roses that the faithfuls offer to the alams, preparations start for this green tazia.
The tradition was started nearly 150 years ago by an Agrawal Kayal family of the town as a thoughtful gesture for the Muslim brethren. Satyanarain Mishra, veteran advocate in the town recalled that the Kayal family started the tradition as a thanks-giving-gesture after their “mannat” (wish) was answered.

Though no one can recall why a green tazia was thought the most appropriate way to signal the message of Hindu-Muslim harmony instead of the customary ones made of frills, coloured papers and decoratives, it is considered highly sacred.
First a structure is made with bamboo sticks and covered with wet cotton filled with mustard seeds. It is sprinkled with desirable quantity of water every day till the mustard seeds grow green.

Fondly called Sarson Ka tazia in the town, it is prepared under the supervision of the Kayal family, in the locality close to the Karbala.

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