BJP has asked its MLAs to buy fake votes: Kejriwal

BJP has asked its MLAs to buy fake votes: Kejriwal

The AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, making fresh allegations of poll code violation against BJP, on Saturday said the saffron party has asked its MLAs to buy fake votes and delete AAP’s votes in the impending Delhi Assembly elections.

He said the party leaders will meet the Election Commission on Monday to lodge a formal complaint.

In three back-to-back statements on Twitter, Kejriwal said that someone who ‘did this job’ for BJP gave away this information.

He alleged that a ‘top’ BJP leader had directed party MLAs to get at least 5,000 fake votes for the party in each Assembly constituency and get the AAP votes deleted in the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections.

“Bribe rate-Rs 1500 for new fake vote,Rs 200 to get any vote deleted. This info given by someone who did this job for BJP last week,” Kejriwal said on Twitter.

Slamming the former chief minister for trying to invite a defamation suit, the Delhi BJP president Satish Upadhyay said they would not give him a chance to grab unnecessary media attention.

“The support base of Kejriwal and his party has diminished due to which the AAP is unable to take part in the work of summary revision of Electoral Roll started by the Election Commission with open invite to the people and political parties,” the party in a statement said. 

While BJP went on to accuse AAP of questioning the impartiality of the Election Commission, the AAP claimed that many in the city have more than one voter ID.

Kejriwal has been on the offensive against the BJP-led central government for allegedly delaying Assembly elections in Delhi.

Just a day after the BJP emerged victorious in Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly elections, Kejriwal had dared the saffron party to go for elections in the national capital.
“Would BJP now have the courage to go for elections in Delhi?” Kejriwal had said.
The city has been under the president’s rule since February 17, after Kejriwal quit as chief minister.