'Shiv sir is a practical person'

'Shiv sir is a practical person'


'Shiv sir is a practical person'

Kriti Kharbanda has had her kitty full this year. Awaiting the release of her next movie Belli, Kriti says that it has been an enriching experience so far.

She has finished most of the projects that she had taken up and is glad about the same.

 “There is just Dalapathy to wrap up now,” says Kriti. She adds that balancing all the shooting schedules wasn’t a cakewalk.

“It hasn’t been as easy as I wanted it to be. But it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be too. I enjoyed it but next time, I will be careful not to take up so many projects at the same time,” says Kriti. 

“I’m looking forward to the release of Belli,” she says. Although Kriti doesn’t reveal much about what exactly her role is in the movie, she says the movie is full of twists. “Belli has a lot of suspense in it. It is not about one character bringing excitement to the movie but about many people hiding something in their character that changes the plot. I play one such character,” she says.

So why exactly is the movie named Belli?  “Belli as we all know means silver and silver is considered auspicious. It is a metal which appeals to the masses and is also a sign of purity. The movie has tried to show that there is some form of purity in everybody,” she says. Kriti adds that everyone has some quality that makes them shine. “Silver is known for its shine and it also goes black.

 But if it is rubbed hard enough, the shine comes back. The same way, if a human being lacks that lustre at a certain point, there is always a chance to bring it back. This is what the movie is trying to convey,” she says.

She says that film has taught her a lot.  “I look at things with a different perspective now. I never believed that a movie could be made so smoothly. There is usually no film that goes about without a bit of trouble but this was an exception. We started shooting this March and are releasing the movie tomorrow,” says Kriti. 

She adds that though the movie had a big star-cast and things happened efficiently. “I wouldn’t change anything about Belli. With every film that I have done, I could point out something that shouldn’t have happened. But Belli was a movie without any issues,” she says. 

Working with Shivarajkumar was a learning experience says Kriti. “Shiv sir would never go to his caravan and would not allow me to go to mine too. He wanted everyone to be together from morning till night. This is the first time I sat with the entire crew and this is something I observed on the sets of Dalapathy too.

 I had fun doing that,” says Kriti. She doesn’t run out of praises for Shivarajkumar. “I learnt from Shiv sir that there was no point getting angry with anyone. He is a very logical and practical person. He has learnt to balance things in life really well.”