Choosing the right career & the right life

Choosing the right career & the right life

Choosing the right career & the right life

Very often, children struggle to make up their mind about what they want to pursue in their life.

 While many succumb to the highly underestimated parental, peer or societal pressure, others tend to misjudge and overlook the fine line between what seems achievable and their own ambitions.

Choosing a right career option is a vital decision in everyone’s life. Apart from the top-paying and common career options such as medical, engineering, management, chartered accountancy etc., numerous other options are available in the field of health care, tourism, media and so on. The choice of a career depends on the job prospects of the field and most certainly, the interests of the candidate. 
Looking for help

To test the unknown waters, students rely on the internet, well-wishers and attend many career guidance workshops, trying to find their path. They also check  many articles written on different careers, that give detailed information on how one can get into a particular field, type of curriculum involved, career prospects available for the same and the institutes conducting courses in the subject. Many try their hand at answering aptitude tests, even judge their own future based on the careers of their relatives. 

With so many options and opinions, it’s difficult to make an unbiased choice that appeals to one’s liking. For example, among all the competitive commerce exams, CA/CS is believed to be the toughest one. However, this should not discourage any student from pursuing it. There are many aspects to this field – its interesting curriculum and its wide applicability in one’s professional life. 

With the current rise in demand for the commerce professions among many prominent ones like engineering and medical, many seminars are being conducted which mainly aim to provide a platform for the students to fathom various aspects of the field they strive to pursue. It is the same with any other professions they wish to choose. 

It’s a very thin line between what we learn theoretically and its application in real time. This has always been the dilemma for which there is no right answer. There is a need to mentally prepare students and their parents to new ideas and contemporary careers. 

Accordingly, there has been a gradual change in trend where education fairs not only focus on educational institutions, showcasing the courses but also some detailed workshops on various career options giving in depth info about various streams.However, many education fairs and career counselling sessions crop up every year during summer when the results are already out and there is nothing much one can do to change it.

 Some well-planned fairs like Career Utsav organises events in December, keeping in mind the time students and parents need to do their bit of research and take informed decisions about their career. Such career fairs not only guide students with their share of knowledge but also bring in successful and experienced professionals, experts from different industries to give inputs and first-hand knowledge of the courses.

These fairs will not only help one make up his mind but also helps choose the best college and course as per his preferences. Many colleges and universities from all over the country actively participate in the career fairs to enlighten potential students about the courses they offer. 

Students interested in pursuing higher studies abroad can also walk into these career fairs and opt for various courses. 

Career fairs are not just business-minded. They have shaped up to meet all the needs of the students and seek to identify and address myriad confusions and questions while deciding a career path. They unravel the truth about professions to provide a reality check and  bust myths associated with the careers in demand. Such fairs pave way to discover three things: passion, potential and personality. 

So, utilise such fairs to your advantage and choose the right career.

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