Chhath celebrations create traffic snarls

Chhath celebrations create traffic snarls

The city saw traffic snarls on the arterial roads and office-goers faced much inconvenience due to Chhath Puja on Wednesday.

Traffic jams were seen at several areas from Vikas Marg to ITO intersection, Loha Pul, ISBT Kashmere Gate, Yamuna and its adjoining roads where Chhath celebrations were going on. Office-goers had to take the longer routes to reach their destinations.

Tripti Malik, who was on her way to GB Pant Hospital, had to take the Geeta Colony flyover which is a longer route owing to heavy pedestrian rush choking the Loha Pul.
“I usually prefer taking the Rajghat route via Loha Pul as the distance is less, but the autowallah took me via Geeta Colony flyover due to huge rush,” said Tripti.

Traffic moved at a snail’s pace on Loha Pul as a huge crowd was seen walking out of a Chhath Puja Ghat near Geeta Colony flyover. Some passengers complained of being fleeced by autorickshaw drivers. “Auto drivers started fleecing passengers citing the long route,” said Rohit Beniwal.

Scores of people came onto the roads to watch the Chhath celebrations and some of them had parked their vehicles on the roadside causing huge inconvenience to passersby.

 “Several people were watching the Chhath Puja celebrations from the Geeta Colony flyover. Some of them had even parked their motorcycles in the lane dedicated for cycles. It added to the traffic congestion,” said Anurag Mehta, a government official while heading to office.