SKDRDP water project evokes good response

SKDRDP water project evokes good response

The unit was inaugurated on September 4. Naandi and SKDRDP have spent Rs 5 lakh while the Zilla Panchayat too had invested Rs 5 lakh for the project. The SKDRDP manages and maintains the unit.

The source of water for the unit is a salt water borewell. The salt water is filled in a 5000-litre capacity tank installed adjacent to the unit. Water is pumped to the purifying unit after primary processing.

The water comes through a large filter and is filled in another tank inside the unit. Out of the pumped water, 40 per cent will be consumable. The water that can not be drunk, can be used for other domestic purposes.

The Naandi Foundation examines both salt water and the purified water every month and publish the details on a notice board outside the unit.

Those who intend to get pure water from the unit should become its members by paying Rs 260. Each member will get 20 litres of pure water every day through a can. One has to pay Rs 2 per can. According to Naveen and Nandini who look after the unit, a total of 5000 lts of pure water is being distributed in the village every day.

“Interested Gram Panchayats can start the Shuddhaganga project through the SKDRDP. There are plans to expand the scheme throughout the state in the days to come,” said Jayarama Nellithaya of the SKDRDP.