Peddler on the planet


Peddler on the planet

A zeal to travel and explore the wild led to the birth of ‘The Unventured’, an adventure-travel company which organises trails and expeditions mainly by foot and cycle.

Adventure enthusiast Gurudeep used to cycle on the pleasant route from Manali to Leh and he found that his companions increased every year. Soon he started ‘The Unventured’ with his school friend Tejasvini and motorcycle enthusiast Jayanth so that travel bugs across the City could connect and explore hidden trails together.

The group conducts long-haul expeditions to Bhutan, Manali and Leh, among others; weekend trails that explore the quaint countryside in places like Yercaud, Ooty and Mysore, and City trails on Sundays to learn about the history of Bangalore.

“The ‘City trails’ include cycling to five churches, five ninth-century temples and a Nandi trail, where we cycle around Nandi Hills. The idea behind this trail is mainly to understand the history and culture of our city and interact with the locals,” says Tejasvini.

As the group also consists of many first-time cyclists, which Tejasvini describes as “adding to the thrill”, she says that ‘The Unventured’ conducts practise cycling sessions to places like Hessarghatta and Basavanabetta before the long-haul expeditions.

Planned to perfection, the group takes precautions such as a support vehicle and a guide with medical and emergency supplies, who follow them on each route. The trio also maps out different routes so that the cyclists pedal through the ones that aren’t choked with traffic and accept bookings of two weeks in advance.

Catering those in the age group of 9 to 50, Tejasvini says, “There is fear about getting on a cycle but once one goes up, he or she doesn’t want to get down.  One of the ladies who travelled with us, who was in her mid 40s, said that the last time she sat on her cycle was when she was in school.”
The aim of the venture is to mainly experience nature in its purest form, rather than rushing past it.

“It’s one thing to see the wiper wipe off the rain from your car glass and another thing to dry yourself out on your own. Everyone should travel because only then they will see so much of what they have lost. We have forgotten how to connect with nature. Nature is like a mother who accepts you, cradles you and offers you the best.”

When asked about her most memorable trip, she says, “It’s like choosing between my children.”

The next project lined up for the company is Kerala and exploring the ‘The Southern Spice Trail’, from November 15 to 22. It includes embracing the culture, language and different art forms of the Southern state and getting a glimpse of the exotic birds, palm-lined beaches, placid backwaters, traditional Kathakali dance performances and the quaint countryside.

For details, visit www.unventured.­com

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