'Reality shows are only a pick-up point'

'Reality shows are only a pick-up point'


'Reality shows are only a pick-up point'

Singer and music director Ankit Tiwari has a number of laurels to his credit. The artiste, known for his stellar compositions like Sunn Raha Hai and Aag Ka Dariya for Aashiqui 2 and Isaaq respectively, hasn’t had the time for riaz in the last three years!

However, his musical spark is brighter than ever and he currently has a number of projects in his kitty like PeeKay, Yaara and Khamoshiyaan. When asked if he has any time for himself, he laughs, “For me, music is life.”

Ankit feels that by working in the music industry, he is fulfilling his parents’ dream. He comes from a musical background as his mother is a professional bhajan singer, father a part of a group and grandfather a dholak player.

“Music is inherently a part of my DNA as I grew up in a musical environment,” says the composer who cherishes his work for films like Do Dooni Chaar, Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster and Ek Villain.

However, he feels he has a long way to go and lots to achieve in future. With Lata Mangeshkar, SD Burman, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Salil Chowdury being some ofhis favourite artistes, the list of his inspirations go on and he describes each of them as a separate “music university”.

Though Ankit feels that he is not ready to give any advice to the young entering the music industry, he says that in today’s competitive world, youngsters should make use of their opportunities in a fruitful way so that they can nurture their talent.

“Reality shows are only a pick-up point. Every year, about ten people take part in a music show but we don’t hear of them once the show is over. They have to work hard after that, go forward and use their opportunities wisely.”

Currently, Ankit is part of the MTV Unplugged series and says, “I really like performing with live bands and this is a platform where I can explore my creativity unlike films where I am bounded by constraints. Hence, the songs I have composed for the show are according to the mood and presentation of the channel.”
 When asked where he sees himself ten years from now, he says that he doesn’t like to plan anything ahead but wants to live in the present and cherish these moments. “However, the music in me will never die. I hope to continue making music for films for the rest of my life.”