Man arrested for robbery, murder bid; another for snatching truck

Man arrested for robbery, murder bid; another for snatching truck

A 31-year-old man wanted for a robbery and attempt to murder case was arrested in central Delhi’s Paharganj on Tuesday.

Ravinder was wanted at Tilak Nagar police station since June and was carrying a cash reward of Rs 50,000 on his head.

Along with about half a dozen accomplices, Ravinder had robbed a mobile phone and cash from two persons on June 25.

The victims had narrowly escaped the bullets that were fired at them for daring to stand up to them.

The Delhi Police Crime Branch which was dealing with the case learnt on Tuesday about the movements of a criminal in Paharganj. Ravinder was arrested and local police station informed. It was found that he was also wanted for an earlier murder case in Sadar Bazar.

In a separate case, a 45-year-old man was held for pushing a truck driver out of his vehicle and riding away with it.

The accused had intended to sell the truck to lead a lavish lifestyle, police said on Wednesday.

Accused Rajesh was given a long chase by another truck driven by the victim’s colleague and finally nabbed near Peeragarhi Chowk in west Delhi. Police who were informed soon after the theft reached the spot and took Rajesh into custody.

Police said victim Dharmendra Kumar drove trucks of Varun Bhatia.

On Monday night, he was driving a truck from Mundka to Narela. His colleague Shatrughan was following close behind.

When Kumar entered his truck to resume the journey after a brief break, he noticed the left door open. As he moved to shut it, someone pushed him off the vehicle and drove off with the truck.

The looted truck was seized and Rajesh booked for the crime. He was found to be involved in two cases of thefts in the past.