Guard against common cold, sinus

Guard against common cold, sinus

In a place like Delhi where people are suffering from pollution, common cold and cough, sinusitis is a common problem for many. Affecting different parts of the face, sinus can be classified as frontal sinus, maxillary sinus and sphenoid sinus.

The function of sinus, which is a thin tube is to remove dirt particles, smoke and other suspended particles. A person starts feeling pain when this tube is choked with polluted air and swells. The sinus infection can spread to the ears, teeth, throat and lungs.

Frontal sinus starts above the eyebrows and radiates to the top or back of the head; Maxillary sinusitis causes pain in the cheeks or teeth and sphenoid sinusitis causes pain near the eyes.

Due to sinus, astigmatism and squinting can also occur as the affected person repeatedly presses and rubs the eye muscles. Even chronic sinusitis can later develop into glaucoma. Other side effects of sinusitis are toothache, halitosis (bad breath), tonsillitis and adenoids, ear infections, meningitis, lung infections and indigestion.

An exponent of Ayurveda, botanist and the co-founder of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Acharya Balakrishna, said, “Sinusitis is often caused by common cold. But it could be also be due to bacteria, allergies or fungal infection. This can also lead to serious infections and complications in breathing. Steam inhalation taken five to six times a day with Tulsi can be very effective in curing sinus. In case of acute sinus pain, steam may be required for seven to 10 times in a day. Doing pranayam in the form of Kapal Bhati can also help to cure sinus.”

“Patients suffering from sinus should not have milk, sugar, coffee, white flour, fried or oily products, junk food, carbonated drinks, biscuits, bread, meat, liquor, cigarette, toffee and chocolates. One should take lemon juice with water in the beginning of the problem,” he added.

Dr Tripti Kaur Brar, consultant ENT, Jaypee Hospital, said, “If symptoms like nasal blockage, heaviness in the head, cough, headache, nasal discharge, continue for more than three months, then it is chronic sinusitis. Other than antibiotics, there is a surgery, also known as the endoscopic sinus surgery which can baring relief. It helps to loosen
up the blockages and remove the secretions.”