On the wings of dreams

On the wings of dreams

Broadway Musical

On the wings of dreams

About 100 children of the The Kiara Music Academy will be staging the world famous Broadway musical, ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, along with Useful Group from London on November 29 and 30 at the Good Shepherd Auditorium, Museum Road. 

The performers are all children, aged between four and 18 years.

Through the theme of the musical ‘Believe in Your Dream’, the performance is dedicated to  the children of Bengaluru.

The musical tells the story of Joseph, a young dreamer, who is transformed from a victim of sibling enmity and abuse into a victor over the worst circumstances on the strength of faith and belief in his dreams.

At a time when one hears of terrible stories of outrages against children and their innocence, this inspiring story carries a strong message of hope for all children everywhere who suffer from various forms of abuse and injustice.  

The Kiara Kids and Teens Chorale has been performing since 2006.

It is conducted and trained by Wendy M Dickson, who has over 30 years experience in the world of choral music and musical theatre.

The proceeds of this concert will go towards expanding the Kiara Music Academy into a full-fledged music school, offering vocal and instrumental classes for both children and adults.

“The last nine years in the field have shown us that there is a growing need for both children and adults to turn to the recreational and therapeutic benefits of music to deal with the stress of studies and work.

Our team of trainers and teachers are dedicated to the Kiara ideal which is to show individuals , especially children, their own inner light and allow it to shine through the joy of learning and creating music,” explains Wendy.
 The director and choir conductor of the musical is Wendy M Dickson.

The assistant directors are Tina Dickson Franco and Deepak Lazarus, Karen Carvalho and Kavita John are the choral musical training assistants and the accompanists include Rebecca Thomas Colaco on the piano, Robin Colaco on the acoustic and  electric guitars, Joshua Lance on the bass and  Theodora Murray on the drums.

The choreographers are Deepak Lazarus, Dolores Joel, Chelsea Stevens and Linette Franco.

The costume design is by  Linsey de Nazareth, Radhika Hegde, Prema Zachariah, Preethi Viegas, Mafalda Quadros and props by Prema Zachariah and Linette Franco. 

Tickets are available on bookmyshow.com and at the Lusitania stores on Hosur Road in Richmond Town, Victoria Layout and Mosque Road.

For details, call 9845721154.