As old as India's independence

Shoe shop

As old as India's independence

The popularity of leather products is increasing and cannot be denied.

In recent times, we can find a wide variety of leather products flooding the market ranging from jackets, shoes, handbags, wallets, gloves and many different types of leather items. 

Apart from its durability, leather products today come with great style and design that enable the fashion conscious people to make heads turn.

Leather products manufacturers in India understand the huge requirement of modern individuals and come with a unique product line from which you can easily choose your desired item.

And one such manufacturer of leather products, especially shoes is Mehrason, the tiny little establishment in Connaught Place (CP).

Established in 1947, the shop which proudly claims to be as old as independent India, manufactures and exports leather products like shoes, riding boots, gifts and novelties.

Started by Late DN Mehra, the shop is now run by his son Satish Mehra.
Speaking to Metrolife about the shop Mehra said, “It was started by my father who came to this city from Pakistan and was a connoisseur of shoes. He was even considered as one of the best dressed man in Lahore.”

Managing the shop for three decades now, Mehra considers selling shoes as his ‘bread and butter’ and has a factory in Lodhi Road too.
 So, what issues does the leather industry and small manufacturers face today?

“Nowadays, it is very tough to get kaarigars. We don’t have good craftsmen now and all the kaarigars that we have are quite old and have been working with us for the past 40-45 years. Also, the quota system for the Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Scheduled Castes (SC) have given them opportunities to go out and study. So, they no more want to become cobblers now,” he said voicing concern about the dwindling craft of hand-made shoes.

Considering himself as a one-man-show, Mehra, said, “I run this shop single-handedly. I only get assistance from my wife. Although, I have children and grandchildren as well, but they are doing great in other spheres. So, there is no one to carry forward this business after me.” 

One of the best leather shops in the city, Mehrason do not manufacture leather products for women.

“My father was not a son of a cobbler and he never thought enough to manufacture for women. Also, we only make customised products which require a lot of time and women do not have such patience! Men get pictures of their desired products and we deliver them on time.”

Talking about his clientele, Mehra informs that former Prime Minister of Bahamas Sir Lynden Pindling and Late actor Farooq Sheikh were his esteemed customers.

“Farooq Sheikh was a very dear friend as well. He was one of the finest men that I have ever met. I also have many politicians as my clients, but would not like to name them.”

Calling leather as ‘classy’ but not popular anymore, Mehra, said, “China has invaded the market with their rexine products. We deal only in pure leather, not even rubber. We use skin of goat, cows, buffaloes, suede and no banned products.”

Popular amongst men for giving them enough options in leather products, Mehrason in CP is open on all days except Sunday, from 11 am to 7.30 pm.

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