Abhishek BC

The graduate from BMS College of Engineering, is wearing a shirt from Louis Phillippe, jacket from Debenhams and pants from Levi’s. 

"I wear clothes that match my style and mood. Fashion is a passion for me. Clothes bring out the best in me."

Afzal Sait

The student of St George College is wearing a denim top from Mufti, denim jeans from Levi’s and Timberland boots. 

"I thought these clothes suited me well. They are comfortable and fashionable at the same time. The shirt and jeans have a rough weekend look that is perfect for a good adventure."

Faisal Pasha

The student of CMS Jain College, wore a Converse T-Shirt, a belt from Allen Solly, pants from Allen Solly, shoes from Woodland and a watch from Fastrack. 

"I enjoy wearing different styles and looking good. It is always fun to go with the trend and to be in vogue. I love it when clothes make a statement. I also feel one’s personal style indicates one’s attitude too. Unique designs and colours are a perfect blend and that excites me."