Today's letters

Today's letters

Exercise restraint

Mr.Tharoor has created a controversy by his latest twitter. He is reported to have said that those who carried out the 26/11 attacks did not have visas. Being a part and parcel of the government, the minister should use restraint while commenting on visa restrictions since it is a policy matter.  He should not generate controversies. He should also be warned by the government to mind his twitters.

N. R. Ramachandran,
Bombay Castle,

Respect Women

I have read the article on the kidnap and subsequent resue of bar girls in your paper, and have the following to comment on. Firstly when will men in India learn to respect women, and not consider them to be commodities to play with. Don't they realise that women have the same rights and desires just like men in life?. Arent they to be treated with respect, dignity and compassion being the weaker sex?

Rather, they are always being abused, molested and raped.  Be it men in power or authority, they all do it, and I think it is time that the laws of the land have to be significantly changed to punish these thugs and criminals who take advantage of women.

Secondly I hear, the Police Commissioner saying they wanted to ban the employment of girls because it creates a problem for police in the event of a kidnap etc.  This is a very wrong thing, because you are just playing into the hands of these thugs, and relegious fanatics who carry out such acts.  We should rather encourage more women to work in such places and show that they have a right to work and earn a decent living just like everyone else. 

I sincerely hope that such a ban would not happen.  Also the Police Dept should charge the respective establisments for the time their forces spend during such operations.

Finally, Why does not the Police Department change those shabby looking Kaki uniforms, and dress their staff more smartly.?

Paul S

Double blow to Kannada

It is indeed a severe blow to the Kannada tinsel world with the untimely demise of Sahasa Simha Vishnu Vardhan.  His Aptha Rakshaka (200th film) is due for release and the cruel fate has taken his life to deny him watching his own movie. 

Non-controversial to the hilt and his adamant stand not to enter politics despite pressure from several quarters; adopting two female children are some of the sterling qualities Vishnu cherished with.  His untimely demise has sent shock down the spines of his innumerable fans. Another blow in the form of the death of Kannada music legend C.Aswath, the Sugama Sangeetha has become poorer.  The pioneer of Sugama Sangeetha has over 150 albums to his credit.  It is indeed a double blow to Kannada in as many days – one to Sandalwood and the other to light music. May their soul rest in peace!


A Legend

The untimely death  Kannada film actor Dr.VishnuVardhan has come as a major shock to the Kannada film industry as he leaves behind innumerable fans and fond memories of his versatile acting,.A seasoned matured non -controversial actor, he had many highs and lows in his career and established himself as a unique character. After Raj, he was one actor who had huge fanfare and popularity.He maintained high standards both in his public and personal  life  and his contribution to the film industry is hard to measure.We miss a legend ,and his departure is hard to fill.

Inamdar Ramachandra

The Oppressor and the Oppressed

Israelis who consider themselves oppressed are today turning the oppressor in relation to their neighbours in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region, particularly the Palestinians whose country they have usurped. Lately they have built a wall transforming their own country into a ghetto which they are possibly unable to forget from their mid-20th century experiences in Poland and Germany. Thus the Israelis seem to be comfortable with the fact of the wall being existent in their country which the Palestinians are objecting to with all their available resources and the little strength that they have. Thus a barrier ,long a symbol of segregation and oppression for the Israelis is being seen today as a presence that brings peace, comfort and solace. It seems the wall is so indelibly etched in the Israeli psyche that they just cannot live without it.

S Kamat AG,

Congress in a fix

The marriage of convenience between the JMM and the BJP in Jharkhand at last has come into being and the Congress party is at a loss not knowing what to do at the turn of events.It propped up the erstwhile Madhu Koda government in the state and this happened to be its nemesis as Koda became a laughing stock in the eyes of the general public by his misdeeds and the Congress party cannot claim innocence over
the whole unhappy episode having been a party for his misdeeds all the while.

V. Padmanabhan
Cypress Point Ln