Here's to the mother of all oils

Here's to the mother of all oils


Here's to the mother of all oils

Although the coconut tree is a revered entity in our country, coconut oil has been branded as unhealthy.

One of the reasons is its identification with saturated fatty oils.

However, coconut oil, when used in appropriate ways, can benefit one greatly.

Also, use of coconut in everyday food will have lasting effects on the human body.

The lauric acid present in it is necessary for good health as this contains rich vitamins and minerals.

When it enters the body, it is converted into monolaurin, which enhances the immune system.

The presence of this medium-chain triglycerides results in raising one’s metabolism and reducing body weight – an effective prevention for thyroid issues.

Lets look at some coconut oil facts:

It does not increase blood cholesterol level.
It does not promote platelet stickiness or blood clotting, thereby contributing to atherosclerosis or heart ailments.
It reduces the risk of cancer and other degenerative conditions.
It helps prevent bacteria, viruses, fungi (including yeast) and infections.
It is a very good supporter of the body’s immune system.
It is helpful in controlling diabetes.
It provides an immediate source of energy.
It improves digestion and nutrient absorption for good health.
Regular use of coconut oil helps fight against obesity and unwanted weight gain.
It helps prevent osteoporosis.
It keeps skin soft and smooth, and prevents premature aging and wrinkles.
Continued use of virgin coconut oil reduces hair loss and enhances hair lustre.