By force of habit...


Strange are the ways in which a human mind works, especially the way it works during a habit formation process.

 In fact, even some trifling or asinine acts can translate into habits, getting embedded in mind, making it difficult to dislodge them. As an instance, say, for long you’d have placed your home trash-bin at a particular place. You find yourself hurling scrunched papers exactly there, even after you have moved the trash-bin elsewhere! 

Incidentally, in one of our Naval colony residences, the electrical switches were fixed in such a way that to flip the lights on/off, I had to hitch myself up, precariously balancing on my toes, to reach to the switch. Even after shifting to another house, wherein the switches were easily reachable, I continued to flick the switches by poising on my toes like ballet dancers. 

And while driving, I have this habit of repeatedly touching the miniature image of Lord Ganesha, fixed on the glove-box of our vehicle. Recently, I was zooming around in a friend’s car. Interestingly, on the same glove-box area, she has pasted the picture of a cute puppy! By force of habit, I was touching its feet now and then, which I realised only when she disgustedly snapped, “Don’t you think you are overdoing your animal-lover thing?”

The other day, I was sporting a pair of swanky footwear at a wedding. These high-end heels are somewhat similar to the ones worn by celebs of tinsel world, looking all dreamy superficially. Only on closer scrutiny you discern its seamy side. Similarly, these heels may look snazzy, but only on donning them do you find comfort elements to be zilch. I was teetering and tottering whole day wearing these at the marriage hall. The next day, even while pottering around the house, by force of habit, I was still waddling with a funny wobbly gait, till spouse asked me whether I have hurt my ankle. 

Yet another time, a friend had entrusted me with a humongous Foodworld polythene bag, stuffed with sundry grocery items, to be dropped-off at her mother’s place. Since I decided to take an autorickshaw, I was waiting for one for quite some time, that too toting the bag. After plonking the luggage at the destined place, I heaved a sigh of relief.

 As I waited for the autorickshaw again, while returning home, I saw a woman next to me with a similar Foodworld carry-bag, laden with a motley collection of purchased items.Maybe the hangover of luggage-lugging was still lingering in the labyrinths of my mind.

 As soon as I saw an autorickshaw pulling aside, I impulsively took the bag beside her,
 and started sprinting towards the vehicle. The woman came chasing me and only when she forcefully yanked at the bag, did I realise my folly. I squirmed and spouted a sheepish sorry before speeding off from her sight. 

Even now I shudder to think of that worst faux-pas of my life, which had me look like a potential kleptomaniac! Ha! Talk of force of habits!

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